The history of Karimoku, Japan's leading manufacturer of wooden furniture, started as a small woodworking shop in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture in 1940 by Shohei Kato took over a timber company that already existed in Edo Period.
Wood processing, surface treatment and colouring technologies had been accumulated through the subcontracting of various wooden parts in the mid-1900's: yarn spinning machines that supported Japan's postwar reconstruction in the 40's; sewing machine tables, piano parts and TV stands with wooden legs in the 50's; and the company's long sought after original furniture for the domestic market in the early 60's.
Since then, Karimoku has focused on the pursuit of its original concept of "high-tech and high-touch" products by establishing bases in timber production areas. Karimoku has a large and reliable supply of materials and large-scale advanced facilities that display craftmen's techniques to the greatest possible extend. Furthermore, the company also put in place a nationwide system for wholesale and after-sale product care services. Thus, Karimoku has developed a unique and unparalleled system spanning the procurement of materials, production and sales within one company.
Karimoku also aims to contribute to improving people's lives by meeting challenges presented by environmental issues. This is evidenced in Karimoku's over 30-year history in the reforming and utilization of "parawood", a product derived from rubber trees after its use in latex production.
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